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    Choosing the Right Puppy For Your Family

When it is time to select your puppy, please use caution. Each puppy has a unique personality that will make a big difference in the way your lives harmonize, or don?t.  Whatever you do, don?t grab the first pup to jump at you or feel sorry for the little shy one. There are several types of puppies in each litter and you must carefully choose which type is the best fit for your family situation.

 Type One:puppies/dogs are the dominant pups in the litter. They are sure to have no lack of self confidence, which may prove a challenge for inexperienced owners. You will best be able to identify them as they run up to you first and alert the others of your arrival. These puppies are best suited for active homes, obedience homes, and maybe with older children.

Type Two:puppies/dogs are friendly and playful, but wont necessarily bowl you over each time he sees you. They are very willing to please and thus usually easy to train. Love to cuddle, but love to play, these babies will adapt to many different family situations with ease.

Type Three:puppies/dogs want to play, but are many times too shy. When outside the pack, they flourish and come alive, but sit back and watch as their siblings play. These puppies can mature into Type Two puppies with a little help. However, if they are not given the attention they need, they may fall into a Type Four. These fur kids need loving homes where someone is home most of the time. Best suited for retired couples and stay at home families.

The following two types of puppies/dogs do not usually occur in young litters, but from time to time a Type Four may crop up. Type Fives are very extreme and quite rare.  They are more commonly found among rescues or untrained older dogs.

Type Four:puppies/dogs are extremely shy/submissive all the time. This could be natural from genetic temperament or sibling alpha structure, it could be due to a traumatic experience, or in a rescue situation, it could be from an abusive home. Many puppies are shy while adjusting to a new home, This is not the same as a Type Four puppy/dog. Type Four puppies/dogs usually require a home with a lot of experience, preferably one with a rescue past. These puppies/dogs may be hard to train due to lack of confidence and may develop issues such as submissive urinating. Please note, submissive urination is not a housebreaking accident.

Type Five:puppies/dogs are highly aggressive. These dogs cannot be around other dogs as they may attack at any given time. These dogs need homes where they will be the only dog with aggressive experienced owners that will work on the problem. Unfortunately, if the aggression does not subside, they may have to be euthanized.

*Please keep in mind that although there are types to generalize the litter, each puppy is a unique individual that may posess traits of one or more types.