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Is where the quality clearly speaks for it's self.


Quotes Serenade collies and Shetland sheepdogs is the best. From previous experiences, I was looking for a very healthy high quality dog. It had to be a sheltie and it had to be a Blue Merle. I had been looking for a few weeks. All of a sudden a new web site came up. It asked me to join. It ended up being Serenade's website. At the top of the page was the most handsome blue Merle Sheltie I ever saw in my life. His name is Suede. After having several conversation with Salina and submitting an application I can say I am the proud owner of a very handsome and healthy pup named Suede. Salina really cares about her pups and who gets them. She is one of the most knowledgeable breeders I every had the pleasure of talking to. Her pups are high quality and very well taken care of. She will be there for that pup the rest of its life. I was to her home. All her dogs and pups are in her home. They are all well loved and part of the family. The care she gives to each and every one of them is commendable. Quotes
Caldwell family
Suede,s mom in PA 11/29/2019

Quotes Going from Shelties to Collies, we knew we wanted a good breeder with puppies raised with a family. We contacted Salina about the last tri-girl in her litter after seeing a picture of the puppy. When we went to visit, we couldn't have been any happier. Mia was (and still is!) perfect for our family. She's not only beautiful on the outside, but has a heart of gold, healthy and a perfect, loving personality. She wants nothing more than to be with us at all times. Mia not only gets along with my 3 year old daughter, but with my 10 year old Sheltie. At just 4 months old, she's already learning tricks for treats. If we're ever in the market for another collie, we will definitely be contacting Salina again. Quotes
The Hughey Family
Mia's mom 04/06/14

Quotes I think Serenade Collies are the best! Salina is tops and all the love she puts into the collies in her care is incredible. we have had Daisy May since Wednesday and she has shown us her personality, she seems like a beautiful alpha girl which means she will be a good protector of little ones and the whole family. That also means she will try and test who the boss is once in a while. Our family vet told me she is "opinionated." Our Daisy is a fast learner and so beautiful and sweet. I can't thank Salina enough for all her advice and encouragement and new friendship. Life is a truly amazing thing with people like Salina, who works as hard as she does to keep our beloved collie standard intact and better the breed. Serenade Collies is Tops! Believe it! Salina is tops also. Yours Truly, Sean and Eileen McNeil 08/05/13 Quotes
McNeil Family California
Daisy May

Quotes I've never written a testimonial for anything before so I hope this does Serenade Collies justice. The world's greatest writer or poet could never express fully the deep gratitude I have towards Serenade Collies. Salina in my opinion is one world class breeder! She truly loves the dogs and upholds the collie standard to its highest level. She also makes sure each puppy is matched with the right family so both human and puppy can be happy. It truly was love at first sight seeing Ledger on the Serenade Collies web page. Meeting him in person, well lets just say it was love at first sniff. I can't say enough how loving and gentle he has been around my grandbabies, what a joy not having to deal with a jumping hyper puppy. He has adjusted very well, and we are looking forward to going to puppy school and hopefully becoming a therapy dog so we can share his love and gentleness with those not able to enjoy the ownership of such a beautiful dog. Thank you so much Salina! Quotes
Big boy Ledger 03/09/13

Quotes Salina, thank you so much for introducing us to our new Collie puppy Romo (formerly Brayden)! He fit right into our family - and at nearly 5 months still has some puppy tendencies, but thanks to you and Carol is well underway with training and so eager to please. You care very deeply to make sure both the Collies and adopting families have the best match possible, and that is greatly admired and appreciated. You made a fantastic match for us. Sincere thanks, Jen & Jeff Sipe 12/04/11 Quotes
Jen & Jeff Sipe
Cincinnati, Ohio

Quotes 12/07/11 Dear Salina, I would like to thank you so much for Bentley. He is everything I was hoping he would be. He is such a beautiful dog and he fit right in the second he arrived home. My husband and daughter picked him up from the air port and I thought he would be so nervous once he got home but he was the opposite he was actually calm and took to everything so quickly like he was here forever. He has already made me so happy with his mushy lovable disposition who loves to give kisses. He is going to be spoiled with lots of love and attention. Tomorrow we are going out and getting him his own stocking to hang on our fire place and of course fill it with toys. I can't thank you enough for all your help and answering all our questions, specially concerning that you where so far away. I would highly recommend your collies to anyone who asks us about Bentley. Sincerely Judy =) Quotes
Thank You

Quotes 8/29/11 Our newest family member 'Kelty' (previously Fendi) has been such a joy to call our own. Kelty is the epitome of the best all-around family Collie...a perfect example of patience, loyalty, gentleness, affection and intelligence. Salina went above and beyond for say she was helpful is an understatement. After having negative experiences and outcomes with other breeders, we were very apprehensive to try again. Salina took the time to walk me through a difficult journey with our previous breeder and to match us up with our new dream companion. I gained so much knowledge from the many phone conversations we shared. Kelty is all we were hoping for and more. Within days she started her loving ritual of going into each of my kids rooms to say her good nights to them. She is our constant shadow..always wanting to be a part of every aspect of our family life. We are so blessed to have found Serenade collies. Quotes
Kennedy family
Very happy customers

Quotes Dear Salina, We thank you so much for our wonderful puppy Prada. She is a sweet , happy and healthy girl. We sure appreciate all the love and care she was given in your home. We picked her up at the airport , you took care of everything. With her being five months old, all the work, care and vet visits were all taken care of. We just enjoy her. She is so beautiful, everywhere we go she is admired. You have been so helpful and supportive, I know you are only a phone call away. We feel part of your collie extended family and would recommend Serenade Collies to anyone looking for a great addition to their family. Sincerely, The Frohling Family 11/13/10 Quotes
The Frohling Family
Prada , California

Quotes Hard to believe Oliver is now 2 years old! What a wonderful dog he is--smart, funny, playful, and spectacularly beautiful. He joined our now 10-year-old collie Pennie when he was just a puppy; she taught him the ropes, and I took it up from there. Oliver now has his CGC and has adored his training in agility, and is quite the ham in his "tricks" classes. He loves little kids and other dogs, ignores squirrels, and is fascinated by birds; he never gets on the furniture, and he's quick as lightning if there's cheese being handed out. He's such a sweetheart and we are so lucky that he came to us...thank you, Salina! Quotes
Oliver's mom, Pennsylvania

Quotes 3 years ago I was fortunate enough to find Serenade Collies on line. I had lost my beloved Collie due to poor breeding at just 18 months. I saw my boy Merlyn and fell in love! Salina knew my hesitation and assured me on the health of her puppies. I took a chance and now I have the best dog on the planet! My dog trainer even told me how lucky I was to have such a great dog. He's wonderul at agility, obedience and naturally took to herding. I love him so much that 2 years ago I went back for another one. Now I have my little Nova girl. You would think my testimonial would stop here but I love Nova so much a few weeks ago I went back for another one! Yes, I have 3 Serenade Collies and no, I'm not crazy! Now have Tebow, who I call Little T; he's a great pup. I am so glad there is a Collie breeder like Salina who truely cares about the health and happiness of her dogs. If your looking for the best dog, get a Collie; if your looking for the best breeder, buy from Serenade! Quotes
Collie mom, Michigan
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